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If you wish to submit your work to grey, please send up to 12 photographs (not fewer than 8) of a photographic project, portfolio or essay  at submissions.grey.mag[at]

The overall size of the portfolio to be sent to grey should not exceed 15 megabytes. Your photographs should be in .jpg format, numerically named (artist_01, etc) and the long side of your photographs should not be less than 900 pixels and not over 1200 pixels. Please prepare your portfolio in one single file (.zip or .rar)

Portfolios must be accompanied by a word document with an attached description (100-200 words), captions (where applicable) and personal information (name, email, web site, contact details). Please refrain from using capitals in the body of the description, titles and captions. If your language is other than English, descriptions in the original language are welcome; however, a description in English must also be provided.

Portfolios with less than the number of photographs required, or that are not followed by the submission form and the submission fee will not be considered for publication.

Only artists whose portfolios will be published will be contacted via email from the editor of grey

The copyright of the photographs lie solely with the artists.


grey is free for everyone to download and it relies solely on its readers’ support and contributions. However, there is a 12 € submission fee for artists wishing to have their portfolio considered for publication in grey.

Please use the button below to submit your fee via paypal after you have sent your portfolio to grey, making sure the email address used for the portfolio submission matches the one used in submitting the fee. Portfolios that are not followed by the submission fee will not be considered for publication.

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